Seamlessly integrated third party apps

The worlds best apps WiFi enabled

CAPTINI integrates WiFi Apps through a range of best of breed third party services to enable venues to utilize the data collected and analyzed by CAPTINI for customer marketing campaigns. Integrating with a range of leading peer review services which play an increasingly pivotal role in the success or failure of many venues and businesses. Integrating these third party WiFi Apps into CAPTINI and CAPTINI Injection enables businesses to ask customers for a review of their service or venue in real time as part of the customers WiFi experience.

The Worlds Best Apps WiFi Enabled

Intelligent CRM

Businesses can harness the power of customer data generated by CAPTINI social WiFi analytics using intelligent CRM provided through CAPTINI Integration Center.  CAPTINI is integrated with cloud CRM solution provider Salesforce enabling businesses to feed all their customer data captured in real time through CAPTINI directly into their Salesforce CRM account.  Data can then be analysed, segmented and utilised to target customers using Salesforce CRM solutions.

Email Messaging

CAPTINI Integration Center enables businesses to link their Mail Chimp accounts directly to CAPTINI. Customer data and email addresses captured by CAPTINI flows directly into MailChimp for use in email marketing campaigns.  CAPTINI users not using Mail Chimp can alternatively extract data from CAPTINI at the touch of a button, exporting data as a .CSV file to use across other databases, email lists and services*.

*subject to data protection legislation.

Mobile Messaging

CAPTINI is integrated with international text messaging, VoIP and Voice in the Cloud service provider Twilio. Available through Integration Centre, Twilio can be used by businesses running CAPTINI social WiFi analytics for a host of mobile marketing, communication and business critical applications.

Twilio can be used to alert businesses by SMS if a wireless access points goes offline – and can also be used as an extra layer of verification for WiFi users with a unique code sent via SMS to supplement username and password authentication.

Get Answers

CAPTINI enables business users to reach out to their customers through an integration with Survey Monkey; the world’s most popular online survey software.  Available through CAPTINI Injection, Survey Monkey links with CAPTINI customer data in real time providing a range of online surveys polls and questionnaires which can be used by businesses to help understand their customers, get feedback on their customer’s brand or service experience and any other topic they want to cover.

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